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October 22, 2010

The more we know about ObamaCare…

the more we find out it wasn’t designed to cut costs but to eventually eliminate private insurance coverage and create a government-run system.

Mega-firms such as AT&T, Caterpillar, John Deere and Verizon are among those that are either considering ending coverage for their employees or have already chosen to do so. It’s not just the big companies eliminating benefits, either. Smaller employers are doing the same. Larry M. Elkin, president of Palisades Hudson Financial Group, wrote Thursday in the Business Insider: “For 15 years, I have taken pride in paying the full cost of health insurance for every full-time Palisades Hudson employee who wanted it. This month marks the last time I will do that.”

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October 18, 2010

Cavuto on Business: Health Care Revolt

Poll: 75 percent of voters think companies will drop coverage because of health care overhaul.

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October 1, 2010

Obama Says No One Will Lose Their Health Care Choice

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Obama says no one will lose their chosen health care at an event in Iowa.

Tell that to Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Advantage members in the Northeast:

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has notified customers that it will drop its Medicare Advantage health insurance program at the end of the year. The decision by Wellesley-based Harvard Pilgrim, the state’s second-largest health insurer, was prompted by a freeze in federal reimbursements and a new requirement that insurers offering the kind of product sold by Harvard Pilgrim — a Medicare Advantage private fee for service plan — form a contracted network of doctors who agree to participate for a negotiated amount of money. Under current rules, patients can seek care from any doctor.

Tell that to part-time food service workers:

The new health care law could make it difficult for companies like McDonald’s to continue offering limited insurance coverage to their low-wage workers. The world’s largest hamburger chain provides its hourly workers with low-cost plans known as “mini-meds” or limited benefits plans. These plans typically cover things like doctor’s office visits and prescription drugs. But they don’t provide comprehensive coverage.

McDonalds is big enough that they will doubtlessly get a waiver but what about your local businessmen?

Dana Perino weighs in.

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